Hot Fingers  - History Of American Guitar Vol.2: 1951-1962 Hot Fingers - History Of American Guitar Vol.2: 1951-1962 : VARIOUS ARTISTS : 2CD
The first half of the 1950s was one of the most fertile musical periods in the history of modern music with electric Blues, R & B, and Rock 'n' Roll all coming to adulthood, laying down the foundations for modern Popular music as they did. The guitar was a vital part of the sound of all of these genres and not just the playing, as musicians in this era also developed, discovered, and expanded the creative possibilities of what could be done with the electrics of guitars and amplifiers.  The influence of T-Bone Walker on the Blues world is most evident in the early 1950s work of the great B. B. King. B. B. took T-Bone's pioneering stylistic approach to lead guitar playing and pushed it through the roof by turning the amplifier up nice and loud so the solo lines pierced through the mix, blazing a glorious path through many classic numbers such as the song included here, which would later be lifted by British Blues great Peter Green. King's style would also be picked up and personalised by many of his contemporaries with including artists that feature here such as Guitar Slim, Lowell Fulson, Johnny 'Guitar' Watson, and Albert King.  Although it is highly debatable that 'Rocket 88' can be called, as some have suggested, the first Rock 'n' Roll song, it is very likely that the song was the first to feature what would later become known as 'fuzz tone'. It was the use of this sound that gave the song its unique, raunchy edge and that, added to the swinging rhythm section and Brenston's vocal approach, is the reason the song is cited by many as being the strongest contender for Rock 'n' Roll's opening.
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