Established in the dim and distant late 1980s by longtime record company man and one time band manager, Mark Rye, MAGPIE has since grown into the UK's number one mail-order music specialist for what the remaining record companies lovingly call 'back catalogue'. We are specialists in all sorts of music from the 1940s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s and we just love it.

The aim is to bring you all the latest new and reissued releases from these diverse eras - and not just from the major labels, but also those wonderful large and small collectors labels that grace this musical country of ours, and which those big retail chains just cannot be bothered to stock, let alone order for you.

The MAGPIE magazine features all the best new releases along with their complete track details, plus features and special offers, and a few interesting and novel collectables which you should find appealing. While this website collects together for you every CD that we have featured and that is still available as well as bargain offers on ends of lines and overstocks. All this makes for a great browse for music lovers of all ages and taste.

So, who are these people who run MAGPIE ?
Are they sad anoraks who regurgitate record catalogue numbers over breakfast?
Do they endlessly trawl catalogues and databases to find that elusive album that featured Jimmy Page as a session man?
Are they collectors of all things weird or ex-hippies who still live in the late '60s?
Well actually we are all this, and more, being a friendly, dedicated bunch of guys and gals who have a vast amount of experience, and who like to put it to good use.

Magpie recognises the fact that once you reach thirty-something you can't really be bothered to make that regular pilgrimage to your local record store to find out what's happening. The assistants get younger, the music louder, and they haven't a clue what you're asking for (I'm sure I sound more like my parents every day)!

Have you ever asked for something you remember as clearly as yesterday, only to find that so many years have elapsed that you are faced with a very blank expression from the young sales assistant? (That is unless the music has been used for a TV ad recently).

Don't panic, all is not lost! MAGPIE features the music you love and enjoy and we make it incredibly easy for you to find out what is available and how to buy it so forget that trudge into the record store in town, and get it delivered to your door. But be warned, once you start, you will be faced by loads of albums that will bring the memories flooding back. We find that we can help you with the gaps in your collection; as well as the gaps that you did not realise you had, until you browsed these pages. Buying music can be addictive so be thankful that at least CDs take up less room than vinyl!

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